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Marianne Bautista
I hope all is well with you and the PageantsNW team! As for me, the end of the spring semester is near, and I'm preparing for my final exams. I am incredibly excited about my plans for the summer—I would like to update you that I have just been offered an intern position at Salt River Project, an Arizona-based utility company. As an intern, I will be working at SRP's Federal Affairs office on Capitol Hill. A few of the role's responsibilities include:
  • Conduct open-source research
  • Monitor media stories
  • Produce written summaries and reports
  • Assist with event planning and support
  • Assist with administrative support and other office duties
I am very thrilled to start! I have so many thanks for Pageants NW because being a titleholder prepped me for future employment opportunities such as this one. Not to mention, I had several rounds of interviews for this job—it was my first time doing an in-person job interview! I truly believe that I was able to land it owing to the public speaking skills I gained as a competitor and titleholder.
Marianne Bautista, Miss Washington Teen USA 2020 
Nitika Ahmed

Good evening, I just want to thank you guys for putting on an amazing production. I had so much fun and made so many new friends. This has been such an amazing experience and given me a chance to grow in so many ways on and off the stage. Thank you, Nitika Ahmed

Marcy Posey Gatterman (parent)

Hope all is well, again Kailia and I would like to thank you for a wonderful production, keeping the ladies safe during the fire alarm also running a professional show. Kailia can’t wait to compete again. Dress is already in the works and interview. Plus interview lessons galore.

Poorva Mishra

Thank you for creating such a wonderful and unique experience. I truly enjoyed the pageant and can’t wait for the next one!
Ava Mishra (teen)

Della Starr (Mom of Little Sisters)

Thank you so much for the opportunity for my daughter to shine in the pageant she is so excited for the next pagent. Thank you so much ❤️

Chantel Oh
Hi Maureen, Thank you so much! This experience was so unique and fantastic— I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to participate. 
I admit, I had a moment of doubt after the interview where I questioned what I was doing at the event, why I was there, what it was that I was actually hoping to accomplish. After a lot of introspection and observation, I realized that, while it’s completely okay to have done the pageant for my own personal growth, the whole system is so much bigger than me. I realized my passion was selfish and that pageants truly allow an opportunity to pursue your greatest philanthropic dreams. I’m excited to say that I am applying to participate again for the upcoming November pageant with fire in my eyes and soul. 
If you need any information from me, I’ll be glad to provide it! Again, thank you so, so much to you and all the staff. Special shout outs to Veronica and Amber who made me feel so welcome and cared for during the event.  I am so incredibly amazed at everything you all have put together.
Robyn Lehan

Hello! Thank you so much for everything during this whole process from day 1! I had a lot of fun this weekend! 😊

Karley Kearney

Thank you so much again for hosting such a great pageant! I had the best time! I learned so much and made some great connections with other contestants. Something I have learned through years of dance competitions and auditions is that in the end, it truly doesn't matter if you win or lose, it's what you gain from an experience that you will take with you. 

Rashel Rafat

Hi Maureen, I didn’t get a chance to thank you in person. But I wanted to say that I loved every moment of this experience and being a part of pageantsnw has been so exciting. Thank you so much for everything. I hope I get the chance to see you again for next year. You’re all so amazing.

Jennifer Noyd (parent of contestant)

Thank you so much to both of you and all your staff/volunteers. What an incredible two days ! Cassandra and I had a blast and she learned so much. She is excited to compete again.

Cassandra Noyd

Thank you for running such an amazing pageant. I had an incredible time & can’t wait to compete again❤️ you are FABULOUS at what you do!!!

Taylor Derscheid

Thank you for an amazing weekend Maureen!! I'm already making plans to come back next year. I can't wait to start the process again❣

Sheri Brotten (parent of contestant)

Hi Maureen, I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for allowing Aimee to compete at the last minute.  She had a fabulous time and I think she may come back as a Miss in the future.  Thank you again for your kindness and vote of confidence.  So appreciated. 

Sara Heimberger

Hi Maureen! I just wanted to text you the biggest thank you ever. You were such a mentor towards me this past year and kept me so accountable. This past weekend was the best several days of my life. I have never felt more beautiful and confident than from this pageant. Hearing you call my name for semi finals was an experience I’ll treasure forever and cannot even put into words how amazing it was. Again, thank you! I owe all this happiness truly to you

Mazzy Eckel

Maureen, I wanted to reach out and say how much you mean to me and how fun this experience was for me. You really made it your mission to make me feel Included and part of this pageant and I really appreciate that. You can definitely bet that I will be coming back next year, even if it takes me another few years until I make it! 💓  Mazzy Eckel, Semifinalists WA Miss

Amber Bruce

Hello Maureen & David, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you both for yet another amazing pageant experience. I am so thankful for your love and dedication over the year. God brought you both into my life and it’s been one of the biggest blessing to date. Thank you! I pray everlasting love and prosperity over you both. If you ever need a volunteer for anything please let me know. I’d be honored to help if I can. Sincerely, Amber Bruce 

Tawny Noelle

This weekend was just… Magical. This was my third and last year at Miss Washington USA – and I made TOP 15! Hearing my name called out for semifinals was a dream come true! Dani Walker, I could not have done this without you! I am so happy I had the opportunity to finally met you. Thank you for your guidance and words of wisdom!! To Pageants NW NW Productions, I am forever grateful for this experience. Four years ago, I was just learning about the concept of confidence. Today, I stand confidently beautiful. Maureen Francisco, competing in the Miss Washington USA pageant has changed my life! Thank you for your mentorship, thank you for all of your love & support, and thank you for believing in me! This past weekend had me reflecting so much. I am amazed by the growth that happened after every pageant year. The experiences I've had with you and pageants will always remain close to my heart.

Claire Pennington
Thank you so much for all your help and for organizing such a beautiful event. It was such a wonderful and empowering experience. Claire Pennington, Miss Washington USA Contestant
Mary O'Brien (parent)

It was such a life-changing experience for Lily to be a part of the pageant this past weekend.  Her confidence was noticed by so many people in the audience.  I even had people texting and emailing me from places like Texas that were watching the live stream and cheering for her to win!

Shamya Clark

I know this is a little late, but I just want to take a moment to thank Maureen Francisco for putting on an amazing pageant. I had so much fun, met a lot of people, and guys when we all say the sisterhood is real, it truly is. So many of girls I got to meet were so kind and inspiring and I wouldn't change my experience in for everything. We're our own girl bosses and it was so nice to click with every single person on another level. Shout out to my roomie Destiny, you're the best and I had so much fun with you this weekend. And shoutout to Damian Emiliano for making my last minute opening dress, it was perfect and I love the work you and everyone else put in for the pageant. Also, I want to say congratulations to Lily Lloyd for being the next Miss Washington Teen USA 2019, a crown was well deserved. You gave me such much tips to have confidence in myself and inspired me to be confidently beautiful. Anyways, I'm glad to say I’ll definitely be back next year because this pageant gave me something that I never had, which was confidence. I got out my comfort zone for one weekend and it was really fun. Even though I didn't get the placement I want, I realized learning a lesson or a few from this pageant is what matters the most.

Kristina Kovalevich
What an incredible weekend, to say the least. Your work, dedication and consistency to raising us women has impressed me over the 2 days we’ve been together. Thank you for giving me a chance to put myself out there. I really mean it, when I write, one weekend changed my life!
Kristina Kovalevich, Semifinalists Miss Washington USA 2020
Judawn Merritt (parent)

What an fantastic weekend at the Miss Washington Teen/Miss USA pageant. It was Hannah’s first year and she was AMAZING! She was honored to receive 2nd runner up! She participated in interview, athletic wear, and beauty. After she was chosen top 5, she answered a random on stage question, which she also rocked! This is the first time at a pageant where Hannah was totally on her own. After arrival and a parent meeting, parents were dismissed. Lol it was an odd feeling. But, Hannah was great. She did her own hair and makeup and really took care of business like the pro she is. I don’t have many pictures until the professional ones arrive, but here are a few. We could not be more proud of Hannah. She was strong, kind, humble, and gracious. She may not have gotten the crown this time, but she will always be our QUEEN! Thank you to Maureen Francisco and your dedicated staff for a wonderful, unforgettable experience. Thank you to our amazing friends and sister queens who came to support her and love her, and family who always cheer her on. For those that don’t like pageants, or don’t understand them...these are some of the most hardworking, intelligent, driven, talented, brave, kind, most amazing young women you will ever meet! The aspirations of the teens/misses are beyond inspiring. There were med students, nurses, pilots, teachers, makeup artists, female football players, athletes, dancers, gymnasts, scientists, singers, youth leaders, broadcasters, interpreters, linguists....the list goes on and on. Thousands of volunteer and community service hours put in by them as well. These young woman are our future! I am so proud that Hannah is a part of this outstanding sisterhood. She shines bright like a diamond. They all do.

Chloe Stricker

Hello Ms. Francisco, I cannot begin to thank you for this incredible experience. The Miss Washington Teen USA pageant taught me so much. I left with so many new friends and memories. Thank you for everything. You were so supportive of all of us. You believed in each one of us. I am ready to take my new found confidence and change the world. When does sign up open for next year? I would love nothing more for another chance to walk the Miss Washington Teen USA stage! Again, thank you so, so much for all you do for us. Kindly, Chloe Grace

Angela Cruze

Competing in the Miss Washington USA pageant was truly the best experience ever. I hope more girls are empowered to invest in themselves to compete.
--Angela Cruze, Miss Cowlitz County USA 2017

Missy Colegrove

Hi Guys, I just wanted to thank you all personally for everything you do for all of us ladies! Your positive attitudes were amazing the whole weekend! But the pageant experience for me wasn’t just this weekend. It was honestly amazing being Miss Snohomish USA. Looking back at the beginning of my journey to now I have so much to be thankful for. I have new dreams because I was Miss Snohomish, that I never would have realized until this year. I don’t even know how to thank you for that. You have changed my life and that is priceless. Thank you so much for empowering me and my dreams! I would love to be involved next year, I know you have lots going on right now and another state to finish. But I just wanted to say I want to be in it next year. Yours truly, Missy Colegrove

Lauren (Ren) Custer
I was just looking at a list of all the volunteer / appearances I did when I was part of the Miss WA pageant... It made me kind of emotional because I miss it so much and I realized how much it really helped me grow as a person.  I sure do miss doing those appearances. Its absolutely amazing the opportunities I had because of miss WA! I learned so so much and I’m forever grateful for that. Happy Thanksgiving 🧡 Miss Edmonds USA 2018
Mary O'Brien (parent)

Lily has already gained so much from this experience and the new mindset is one she will continue to use in her life and pageant journey. It is so much more healthy to focus within. I am so thankful that Lily had the courage to sign up with PageantsNW or else she may have never realized that this was the key to her confidence. Who knew? I have loved watching her the last few months, I can't wait to see how she blossoms further. Wish we would have found you guys earlier:-). Thank you so very much.

Morgan Sibley

Hi Maureen, thank you for yours and your teams hospitality this last weekend! I’ll also add that I have never been so quick to say “I’ll be back” after competing in a state or local pageant. The energy and kind culture at Pageants Northwest is truly unmatched!

Tiana Cole

Maureen, thank you so much for an amazing weekend. I appreciate all the hard work you and the staff put in to making an unforgettable event. I would love for my feedback from the judges whenever possible. Look forward to seeing you soon!

Angela Terek

Maureen, thank you so much for everything. This was one of the best experiences of my life. 💙💙💙

Jessica Knight (Little Sister - Kyla Knight)

Thank you so much for allowing Kyla Knight to participate as a Little Sister, she had an amazing time. She is still grinning from ear to ear. I am so impressed with how the weekend went and the wonderful individuals Kyla met this past weekend. Kyla learned so much and it brought tears to my eyes to watch her and Ashley sit at the end of the stage watching the girls get crowned. Think watching the girls get crowned may have been a life changing moment for Kyla. Greatly appreciated, Jessica Knight

Keilani Buswell
Maureen, I wanted to take sometime to tell you that you and David are amazing people and so professional when it comes to being a director's. I have been finding that it is not easy and your professionalism is beyond appreciated, and that's why I'm writing this message to tell you both good job and keep up the work because it is not unnoticed. Have a great day. ��
Contestant Miss Washington USA 2015
Romey Fox

Maureen, I want to thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to run in the Miss Washington Teen USA pageant. You all were so amazing and I had the time of my life. I will definitely be back next year. (If you will have me.) The friendships that I made are priceless and the overall experience was amazing. Thank you again for everything. Thanks Romey.

Ami Nichols

Hi Maureen! I just wanted to thank you for everything. The whole pageant experience and appearances and everything were life changing and it wouldn't have happened without you! You were so sweet to me and welcomed me right in and I want to tell you how much I appreciate that and thank you.

Madeline Irwin

Also I just want you to know how grateful I am for all of your help these past 6 months. I couldn’t have done what I did on stage without you! You’re such an amazing person and you inspire me so much!

Tonja Nichols (parent)

Thank you so much for the great experience. You and David are truly amazing, big hearted people. Ami had a great experience and made life long memories. She is considering doing it again next year. I was wondering if you send more details about the scholarships for being a semi-finalist? Thank you again! We both feel blessed to have been able to experience the pageant. Tonja

Morgan Lucas

Hi Maureen, I just wanted to reach out and thank you for such a positive experience at the Miss Washington USA pageant! Everyone involved in the pageant from the staff to the contestants were so encouraging, supportive and genuine, which resulted in such a memorable experience. You did such a phenomenal job with the pageant and I cannot tell you how impressed I was. I walked away from it with great memories, new friends and valuable learnings. Only one girl can win in the end but it is the memories that will last forever. Thank you for all of the hard work you put into the pageant! It is very much appreciated by all. Congratulations on two new incredible titleholders who are going to make us so very proud this year! Thank you again, Morgan

Tiffany Everard (parent)

I just wanted to thank you both for such a wonderful experience for Kassidy. Not knowing anything about the pageant life, you were over the top helpful and encouraging. I loved David's motivational talk to the parents and girls! Kassidy loved every moment of the pageant weekend and the friendships that transpired from it are priceless. We are excited to watch Alex on TV and have that personal connection with Miss Washington USA. We wish both girls all the best in this years journey. Again, thank you so much! Blessings to you all, Tiffany Everard

Kristen Green

A huge thank you for all of the work that you, and everyone else, that made the pageant what it is today. I can positively say that my confidence is so much higher then it was before.

Okneca Hamptonie

David, Marind and Maureen, I did not get the opportunity to tell you all last night in person, but I did want to take the time now to say THANK YOU! I enjoyed every single moment about this weekend and would not change a thing about it. Please tell your whole team (Srisa, Mikie, the other David, Michelle, Damian just to name a few) that I said thank you as well, because each and every one of them were nothing less than amazing! I am so blessed to have had the chance to compete this weekend and pray that you all keep doing what you have been doing because you truly are giving young women an opportunity to learn, grow and discover who they are and what they can become. I pray you all get some rest, you are more than deserving. Please know that your hard work does not go unnoticed, y'all are the best! Sending love and prayers! Sincerely, Okneca Hamptonie Miss East Tacoma USA 2016

Katherine Hansen

Maureen, Thank you for an amazing experience this past weekend! I learned so much about myself and met some impressive young women. Everyone on your staff was encouraging and I appreciate all of the backstage help and insight. Kate Hansen

Francheska Castillo

Hey Maureen, I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing weekend! I had the time of my life throughout this entire experience, my first pageant literally could not have been more perfect. This has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember and these past few months you and David and the rest of the Miss Washington USA staff helped bring it to life, especially last night. This definitely isn't the end of my journey and it won't be the last you see of me. Thank you for everything, I am blessed! Lots of love, Francheska Castillo

Ina Kempton

"Wow. What an incredible weekend!! I am so thrilled to have accepted this challenge and to have been a participant in the Miss Washington USA pageant. I am still over the moon and beyond that I made top three!!! Thank you for all that you put into this experience, every singe contestant owes the experience of a lifetime to you and your amazing staff!! You made this adventure and momentus milestone incredibly unique. Thank you for the memories, and I look forward to working with you all in the future!"

Eva Neisha Bhagwandin

"I plan on studying Law and Spanish. Lindenwood has 2 different Spanish language study abroad programs which I'm super excited for! Also the campus is huge so that's a plus for me. I wouldn't have even known about it if not for the pageant. The scholarship I got from Miss Washington Teen USA is such a huge opportunity! I'm so grateful for it. Many girls, like myself, would not have been able to afford tuition without it."

Emma Baker

Now that I am back in Pullman and have had much time to reflect since the pageant, I wanted to share my thanks with everyone who was so supportive during this journey. I decided to embark on this task knowing that if I could prepare to the best of my ability, and be the best Emma I could be, then no matter the outcome, I would be proud of myself. And yes- I am very disappointed, but I am also so incredibly proud of my placement as 2nd RU. I enjoyed meeting absolutely every single contestant, teen and miss and I was impressed with each and every one of them. David, Maureen and their staff put on an incredible weekend and I couldn't be happier with my decision to compete. Thank you to everyone who made this possible and is a part of my life. I feel like such a blessed young woman.

Daria Skoczylas

I just wanted to thank each and everyone that supported me this year! The Miss Washington Pageant was such an amazing experience and I am proud to have been a part of it. I have grown so much; who knew such a shy, quiet girl could interview with a panel of judges, and strut the stage in a bikini and evening gown with confidence! I am also so blessed to have been able to make friends and compete with such amazing, driven, kind, and beautiful ladies! Y'all rocked it up there! The amount of support I was given this year is more than I could have ever imagined and I am so grateful and humbled by it! Whether you were there just in spirit, voting for me online or holding my hand through the process, from the bottom of my heart I deeply thank you all for being there for me!

Evelyn Clark

I just wanted to thank you and all the staff of Northwest Staff-Pageants for all the encouraging words to myself and all other contestants. You are all leaders and true inspirations. I look at the staff not only as a friend but as my family. From encouraging words, life lessons, the power of God, and a shoulder to cry on the staff is the true rock of the pageant. Without you guys, the contestants would be lost. I can't thank you guys enough and have so much love in my heart for you all. I can't wait to work with everyone again and miss you all already. Thank you so much! Xox

BreAnna Stewart

"I want to take a moment to thank all of my fellow Miss WA USA contestants for making the last year everything that it was, and nothing short of amazing! I also want to thank all of the staff, volunteers, and everyone involved in putting on this production. Without all of you we would all be lost with no one to hair spray our stray hairs, zip our dresses, or for heaven sakes glue our butts! Shoot, without you guys there would be no show!! So thank you very much for setting your lives aside to help make our dreams come true! I look forward to working with all of you wonderful people and this fantastic organization again! Until next year... "

Aaliyah Cheatham

"I'm so happy to say that I made it into top 15 again! This was a long weekend but so worth it. I'm so ready to dive back into bowling hah and get to eat a lot...a lot of food at red lobster with my family tonight!!! I know I am saying it again but I am so grateful for all of the supporters I have so thank you! I'm going to miss all of the people that I met over this pageant weekend. They are amazing. Girls, just remember that you all are winners. You are just walking out without a crown on. You all ALWAYS will have invisible crowns on. Love you all!"

Rebecca (parent)

"My daughter has been untrusting of other girls since she's been poorly treated and hurt by them. I was concerned that this pageant would be the same. On the way home from the pageant, she began to cry and I asked her why and to my surprise, she said that she didn't want the weekend to end. She'd had a lot of fun and met some terrific girls. It was so great for her to meet such wonderful, caring girls and although they were in a competitive situation, they still managed to be kind and friendly. Thank you for the opportunity to learn this most important lesson. You all did a fantastic job over the weekend. You were well organized, kind, informative and managed to smile on very little sleep! Thank you."

Terri (parent)

I know this is a little late, but I just want to take a moment to thank Maureen Francisco for putting on an amazing pageant. I had so much fun, met a lot of people, and guys when we all say the sisterhood is real, it truly is. So many of girls I got to meet were so kind and inspiring and I wouldn't change my experience in for everything. We're our own girl bosses and it was so nice to click with every single person on another level. Shout out to my roomie Destiny, you're the best and I had so much fun with you this weekend. And shoutout to Damian Emiliano for making my last minute opening dress, it was perfect and I love the work you and everyone else put in for the pageant. Also, I want to say congratulations to Lily Lloyd for being the next Miss Washington Teen USA 2019, a crown was well deserved. You gave me such much tips to have confidence in myself and inspired me to be confidently beautiful. Anyways, I'm glad to say I’ll definitely be back next year because this pageant gave me something that I never had, which was confidence. I got out my comfort zone for one weekend and it was really fun. Even though I didn't get the placement I want, I realized learning a lesson or a few from this pageant is what matters the most.