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Priya Gopal-Walker - Miss Washington USA

Priya Gopal-Walker
Miss Washington Teen USA

Priya Gopal Walker is a 16 year old junior at the Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences (SAAS) where she is enrolled in several honors classes. Priya has been dancing since the age of 4 and aspires to be a professional dancer after college.

Priya, a survivor of domestic violence, found her voice as a young teen. She was able to safely separate herself from an abusive situation and today Priya is an outspoken advocate for eliminating domestic violence and being the voice for children who are unable to speak out. As Miss Washington Teen USA, Priya will use her title as a megaphone for inspiring others to seek help.

Priya is a trained dancer in ballroom, lyrical, modern, hip-hop and jazz dance. With a love of her heritage - half Eastern Indian and half American Indian - Bollywood dancing is in her blood and remains her passion. She has participated in school dance teams and studies advanced dance for over half of her life. Following in her family’s footsteps she hopes to study Bollywood dance in India and dreams of one day sharing her love of dance on the big screen.

Outside of her love of dance, she enjoys hot yoga, and having precious time cooking with her grandmother. She is also an action movie enthusiast, including her self-proclaimed obsession with Pirates of the Caribbean. If asked, she can recite the lines in all of the Pirates movies. Priya also considers cupcakes to be among her best friends.

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